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          Stainless Steel Water Solenoid Valve


          Solenoid Valve for Water or Air ,Flying Leads ,Stainless steel solenoid valve, normally closed solenoid valve, anti-corrosion solenoid valve, zero pressure differential solenoid valve, internal thread solenoid valve, solenoid valve diameter specifications


          Two-position two-way solenoid valve, normally closed solenoid valve, direct-acting solenoid valve, high temperature solenoid valve, steam solenoid valve, water and gas general solenoid valve, jery solenoid valve for medical machinery, cleaning equipment, food machinery, small household appliances, textile Machinery, pneumatic components, biopharmaceuticals, medical equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, clothing equipment, drying equipment, pharmaceuticals, HVAC, electroplating and coating machinery manufacturing and other industries. Suitable for automatic control of water, hot water, steam, gas.

          Operating:Diaphragm Pilot Type

          Acting Type:Normal Close

          Port Size:Female G3/8'';1/2'';3/4'';1'';11/4'';11/2'';2''

          Body Material:Stainless Steel 

          Sealing Material:NBR,EPDM,Silica Gel,VITON

          Max Working Temperature:80°C/130°C

          Working Pressure:0-10bar

          Voltage Range:AC24V;AC110V;AC220V/230V;DC12V;DC24V

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